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Driving school Alphen aan den Rijn

Driving school Alphen aan den Rijn | Have you recently reached age 16.5? Or is it just really necessary to get your driver’s license now? Then you can turn to Verkeersschool Alblas.

We have several branches, including a driving school in Alphen aan den Rijn. At this facility it is possible to get all different driving licenses. When you own a driver’s license, you will really notice how free and independent you are.

Alblas driving school Alphen aan den Rijn theory lesson

To begin in practice, you must first hold your theory certificate. Alblas recommends that all students take theory lessons.
The theory class consists of one or more days in which you are taught about the theory that comes back on the exam. When you take theory classes at Alblas, you are more likely to pass the exam in one sitting.

Click here to take a theory course with exam to order for your car license.
If you prefer to learn at home, we also have some theory books for car, motorcycle and scooter. When you order one of these books, it includes 15 hours of online exam training!

Click here to download one or more of these theory books order.

Driving school Alphen aan den Rijn

The new driving

It doesn’t matter whether you come for a B driving license or a C driving license, Alblas’ driving instructors will teach you to drive according to “The New Driving”. This includes learning how to drive more environmentally consciously. Other benefits include reduced fuel consumption, greater comfort and safety for all occupants, less damage and maintenance to the car, and greater road safety for you and other road users. Not only is this nice for your wallet, but also for the environment.

At traffic school Alblas, the driving school in Alphen aan den Rijn, all instructors have taken and can apply the training course ‘Het Nieuwe Rijden in de rijopleiding’.

Make an appointment or order your package

The driving instructors at Alblas are not only familiar with The New Driving, but also have years of experience as road users as well as instructors. So they can totally prepare you for the big practical exam and help you get through it.

Make an appointment for a trial lesson today. You can do this through the website or by calling 0880 241 888.

You can also order your theory package directly on the Verkeersschool Alblas website.

Take a trial lesson?

Rijschool Alphen aan den Rijn | If you are not yet completely sure about your choice for traffic school Alblas, it is possible to first take a trial lesson to see if our way of teaching suits you.

Here you will meet the driving instructor and find out if this suits you.

Through our website you can request a trial lesson or you can immediately request the package that suits your needs.

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