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Scooter driving license AM

Get your scooter licence AM at lightning speed! This licence is also called a ‘moped driving licence’. Take driving lessons and theory lessons at Alblas, scooter driving school.

We are located near Woerden.

You can start your scooter driving licence (theory) when you are 15.5. At 16, you can take driving lessons and take the practical exam.

You can go anywhere super fast with a scooter license in your pocket. Save on your travel time by taking the scooter instead of bike or bus.

As a scooter driving school, we make sure you go into the exams well prepared!
The scooter
A scooter is a motorized two-wheeler. It must not weigh more than 350 kg (excluding battery).

A motor scooter is somewhat different: it has a larger displacement (more than 50 cc).
The scooter driving license AM = moped driving license = moped driving license = driver’s license AM2
A scooter license is officially called a “moped license. It used to be called moped driving license.
It is the same as license AM, and is also called license AM2. Driving license AM4 is for the moped.
What are you allowed to drive with a scooter license?
The scooter license AM allows you to drive:

on a scooter (max. 45 km per hour, helmet required, yellow license plate)
On a moped or moped (max. 45 km per hour, helmet required, yellow license plate)
On a moped (max. 25 km per hour, helmet required, blue license plate)
in a moped ( max. 45 km per hour, yellow license plate): you automatically get the moped license (AM4) with it
On a speed pedelec (max. 45 km per hour, helmet required, yellow license plate)
sometimes on a quad or trike (max. 45 km per hour, helmet required, yellow license plate)

It does not matter if it is an automatic (e.g., an electric scooter), or switched (e.g., a moped scooter). You may drive both with the license.

You can’t ride a motor scooter with it. For that, you need a motorcycle license.

For a three-wheeler scooter, you need driver’s license A (motorcycle). But: if you got your B driver’s license before Jan. 19, 2013, a car license (B) is enough. This is despite the fact that a three-wheeler scooter, for example a Piaggo MP3, is a motor scooter, not a car.
Scooter riding without a license?
Riding a scooter without a license is not allowed. You also may not ride an electric scooter without a driver’s license. The fine for scooter-driving without a license is over €260.

Apart from that, you are very vulnerable on the scooter. Especially on the roadway, with cars going much faster.
So you need not only good vehicle control, but also traffic insight. You learn that in the driving course.

But: you don’t need a scooter license (AM license) if you already have one of these licenses:

car driving license (driving license B)
motorcycle license (driving license A)

Getting Scooter Driving License
You may apply for your scooter license AM (moped license AM) if you:

are over 16
passed your theory test moped (AM)
passed your moped practical exam (AM)

You do not need a health certificate or medical examination for the scooter license.

If you want to get your scooter license, you must first get your theory. Only after that may you take practical exams.
For your theory exam, you must be 15.5 years old; for driving lessons and the practical exam, you must be at least 16 years old.

You will increase your success rate with our theory course or private scooter theory lessons. Buying a theory book or separate theory exam is also possible.

Once you have your theory, you can get your scooter license with us in 1 day . You then practice everything you need to be able to do on your driving test.
At the end of that day, you will take the practical exam. Its cost is included in the price.

The practical exam for a scooter license AM lasts 25 minutes. CBR’s examiner assesses your driving in city traffic:

vehicle control
proper application of traffic rules
have the right speed
driving on the right part of the road
safe driving for yourself and others

Scooter license renewal after 10 years
A scooter license AM is valid for 10 years.

After that, you must renew your driver’s license. For that, you don’t have to do anything, just go to the church.
Get your driving license at scooter driving school Alblas!
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