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Theory lesson driving license

Take theory lessons to get your driver’s license theory. Then your success rate is three times higher! Alblas (Groene Hart) has theory lessons for all driving licenses.

Getting your driver’s license consists of more than just being able to drive a vehicle.
Before you can take the practical exam, you must first pass the theory exam.
Well prepared with theory lessons
Verkeersschool Alblas wants to support everyone by offering a theory course.

Theory lessons are taught by a certified instructor who will tell you all the secrets of the theory exam.
Traffic rules are explained, the meaning of all traffic signs are covered, and a practice test is given.

After a theory course, you are sure to be ready for the exam!
70% Success rate after theory class
There are several types of theory books on the market.
Thus, it is possible to learn only through self-study.

Practice shows that less than 20% of people who take the theory exam using only self-study pass it in one sitting.
Among candidates who have taken a theory course, over 70% pass in one go!
Know what questions to expect
Verkeersschool Alblas uses the latest teaching methods and knows what questions candidates can expect.
So you go into the exam well prepared if you have taken a theory course at Alblas.
Other theory courses
We also teach tractor, truck and bus theory classes. And also theory courses for continuing education for Code 95.

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