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Car license B

Get your car driving licence B at Alblas! As an experienced driving school, we value quality, reliability and personal attention.
We are located in Utrecht, South Holland and North Holland.

You can start theory just before you turn 16. Driving lessons are available from the age of 16.5. At 17, you can get your driving licence, but you have to drive with tutors until you turn 18.
From the age of 18, you can drive independently.

Get driver’s license B? With a car license, you can go in any direction. Not only with a car: you may also drive some other means of transportation, such as a scooter or a van.

Alblas a great driving school. That’s why we can offer you everything you need to get your driver’s license fast:

a theory course
a quick course in car licence B
car driving lessons
driving lesson on the simulator

Start your driving lessons with a trial lesson.
The car
A car may weigh up to 3500 kg to be driven with a car license.
This includes any trailer (or caravan) and its maximum payload.

It may also be a van or van, as long as the weight stays under that 3500 kg and it can hold up to 8 people (excluding driver).
The car license = driver’s license B
Soon the confusion arises that a car license is the same as license A (the A of car).
But it is not, the car license is called driver’s license B. License A is for motorcycles.

An automobile driving license is called driver’s license B with code 78.
What are you allowed to drive with driver’s license B?
A car license B allows you to drive:

a car up to 3500 kg and with up to 8 people
a or van (van) up to 3500 kg and with up to 8 people
a light motorhome: up to 3500 kg and with up to 8 people
A car or van with a trailer up to 750 kg.
a car or van with a caravan up to 750 kg
a car or van with a boat or horse trailer up to 750 kg
a car or van with a trailer heavier than 750 kg, where the car-trailer combination has a maximum weight of 3500 kg
a heavy trailer for which you normally need driving license BE, but only if you got your car license before January 1, 1984; you then got BE automatically
A scooter, moped, moped, motorized bicycle or pedelec: you automatically also get driver’s license AM
A moped: you automatically also get driver’s license AM4
A vehicle for which you need international driving license B1 (there is no B1 driving license in the Netherlands)
a three-wheeled scooter (motor scooter with three wheels), but only if you obtained the license before Jan. 19, 2013
A tractor, but only if you obtained the license before July 1, 2015

It is always the paper weight: the official weight of the empty vehicle plus its maximum payload.

At the RDW, you can enter a license plate number and see what the weight of the car is.

If the vehicle is heavier than 3500 kg, then it is a truck and a truck driving license(C1 or C) is required.
If you do not currently have a B license, you will need a tractor license (T) or truck license (C) if you want to drive a tractor.

Can more than 8 passengers in the van, you need a bus driving license (D1 or D).

The police have a very handy tool where you can enter all the weights and from that comes the required license.
Driving license B: trailer is also allowed
So, you may hang a trailer behind your car with a B license, as long as the trailer or the combination car and trailer are not too heavy (see the paragraph above). A caravan is also a trailer.

The trailer may also be a double axle. Provided it falls within weight standards.

If it gets too heavy, you need to think about trailer license BE (or: E behind B) or possibly the B+ license.
The government provides some examples for determining the proper license to drive a car with a trailer.

By the way, people who got their B license before Jan. 1, 1984, automatically got their BE license as well. The BE category will then appear on the driver’s license.
Driving with a trailer
Just because you can drive a trailer with your B license doesn’t mean you can, or dare.
If in doubt, our small course Driving with a Caravan is very suitable (even if it is not a caravan, but an ordinary trailer).

For practice with the heavier trailer, we offer a refresher BE course.
Driving license age
You can start car driving lessons at 16.5 years old. From the age of 17 you may take practical car tests.

If you get your driver’s license at age 17, you do have to drive with permanent supervisors until age 18(2todrive), and this is only allowed in the Netherlands.
In addition to your B driver’s license, you then also need a companion pass that lists your coaches.

From the age of 18, you may drive independently.

To graduate, you must first have your theory. You can get those from the age of 16. The theory certificate remains valid for a year and a half.

If you want to start driving lessons when you are just 16, you can get driving lessons on the driving simulator with us. You learn a lot from that, and that’s how you save on regular driving lessons.
We are one of the few driving schools that offer this.

It is helpful to start your theory when you have just had a few practical lessons.
This makes learning easier: traffic rules become more alive. But do wrap it up as soon as possible, so you don’t have to deal with that any further in your driving lesson.
How long does it take to get your driver’s license?
Many people need at least a year of lead time to get their car license.
This is also due to the accumulated waiting times at the CBR for both theory and practical exams. If you have to take a retake, everything takes a very long time.

If you want really fast, hurry up with your theory and make sure you get it right away.
Then you take many driving lessons in a short period of time. At our driving school, there is no waiting time.
Take enough driving lessons so that you get your license in one go, and you don’t have to wait for the CBR unnecessarily.

Extra fast is our 7, 8 or 10 day crash driving license course. At Alblas, we can often arrange a practical exam for you within 7 weeks.

We recommend you start with a trial class. In that lesson, the driving instructor can estimate how many hours of lessons you will need. They are also immediately your first two classes.
A trial lesson can precede normal driving lessons or a crash course.
Getting a driver’s license
You may apply for your car license (B) if you:

Are 17 years of age or older
Passed your theory exam for car (B)
passed your practical exam for car (B)

In addition, you must also fill out a health certificate at the CBR.

If you have medical complaints that may affect your ability to drive, the CBR may require a medical examination.
Cost of getting a driver’s license
The cost of getting a driver’s license is mainly determined by:

the number of driving lessons
The number of times you take the exam

There are also some smaller additional costs, such as a theory book, any theory course and the application for the license itself.

At auto driving school Alblas, we strive for you to get your license in one sitting. That saves time and money.
Car license renewal after 10 years
A car license B is valid for 10 years.

After that, you must renew your driver’s license. For that, you don’t have to do anything, just go to the church.

After age 70, the driver’s license is not renewed for 10 years. Because from the age of 75, you must always have a medical examination at every driver’s license renewal.
Get your driving license at experienced driving school Alblas!
Alblas is a licensed driving school that has been around for more than 60 years.
We provide car driving lessons in much of South Holland, Utrecht and North Holland.


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