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Motorcycle driving license A

An ultimate feeling of freedom and riding past traffic jams. There are plenty of reasons to get a motorbike licence. Consequently, the motorbike driving licence is a highly coveted one.

Alblas offers you a customized package tailored to you as a person. Naturally, the instructor will follow you during your driving lessons on a motorcycle.

There is no waiting period. You can schedule your first lesson today. We have all categories of motorcycles.

Currently, there is a long wait at the CBR. We recommend scheduling theory on time!
Motorcycle training
If you want to get a motorcycle license, you will need to have your motorcycle theory certificate.
If you hold your car license, you don’t need to get your theory first and can start practical lessons right away.

The theory certificate is valid for 1.5 years.
The trajectory:
Theory Exam
Examination Vehicle Control (AVB).
Examination Verkeersdeelneming (AVD) A1, A2 or A unlimited
Motorcycle license rules
From the age of 17, you may obtain your theory certificate.
From 17 years of age driving lessons and 18 years of age motorcycle driving test for limited category A1 (maximum 125cc) or
From age 20, motorcycle driving test for cat. A2 (maximum 500cc).
A1 license holders may take the practical test for A2 after 2 years.
From 21 years of age, motorcycle driving test for cat. A unlimited supplemental with Code 80
From the age of 24, you may directly do category A unlimited. Or if you have held driver’s license A2 for at least 2 years.

Click on the link below for the detailed information:
Government information motorcycle license
Don’t forget!
To take the exam, you must bring legal and valid ID.

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