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Driving license inspection for the elderly

Need an inspection for a large driver’s license (C, CE, C1, C1E, D, DE) or forklift? We offer those, too.

When renewing a driver’s license after age 75, the CBR always asks for a medical examination. This inspection is repeated every five years: when renewing driver’s license B, T, A or BE.

If fitness to drive may be affected by illness or medication, you may also need to undergo an interim examination.
See also the section Driving Ability in Illness.

A driver’s license renewal at age 75 or older can take months.
In fact, the CBR first asks you to fill out a health statement. They answer these with a referral letter for a doctor or for a specialist. If the CBR has doubts, it may take several months.

Next, you must be medically examined. If this may be done by a regular doctor, however, you can make an appointment with our medical examiner right away. This usually takes place within a month.
Waiting time to renew driver’s license after 75
When you want to renew your driver’s license, you must first fill out a health declaration at the CBR. They then send a referral letter and the ZorgDomein code (abbreviated to ZD code).

It generally takes at most a few days for the referral letter and ZD code to arrive.
But if there may be some medical doubt, the CBR needs more time. It also takes longer if requested by mail rather than online.

We therefore recommend arranging this several months before your driver’s license expires. The CBR even recommends taking into account four or five months of waiting time to renew your driver’s license after 75.

After reviewing the health certificate, CBR usually refers you to a doctor of your choice. So that person then acts as an examiner.
But with an illness that can affect driving ability, then the CBR may want to have you examined by a specialist.

The doctor needs the ZD code during the driver’s license inspection. If the CBR has sent additional forms, bring them to the doctor’s appointment as well. And driver’s license or ID.

You can find more explanations about the process of a driver’s license examination at the CBR.
Driver’s license inspection for elderly at family doctor’s office?
A medical examination for an ordinary driver’s license (A, B, B with automatic, BE, T) can basically be done by the general practitioner. Unless CBR specifies that a specialist must inspect.
With a large driver’s license, an occupational physician must do the inspection.

Most family physicians, however, do not want to vet their patients. This is because the judgmental role can damage the trust relationship between doctor and patient. An independent company doctor (occupational health physician) is then an excellent alternative.

At driving school Alblas, an occupational physician does the driving license examinations for 75-plus. Of course, our company doctor is BIG-registered.
Fitness to drive in case of illness
If the driver’s license does not yet need to be renewed, but you have doubts about your fitness to drive, you can ask CBR itself for an assessment.

CBR must also reassess driving fitness in the case of certain diseases and certain medications. And also if you’ve had an epileptic seizure or stroke, for example.
For eye conditions that occurred after your license renewal, you have a moral obligation to report it to the CBR. If you fail to do so, you may not be insured.
For some brain disorders , however, the rules have been relaxed since 2018.

More about the legal rules surrounding medication use is at the Row Safe with Medication site.
Driving license medical examination appointment
About once every four weeks an occupational physician is present at the driving school.
Who then does the driver’s license tests for the elderly and for people with medical problems. In addition, the doctor also does the mandatory medical examination for the large driver’s license.

Reserve a spot by choosing your desired inspection. You will then see an online calendar, where you can schedule your medical driving test appointment right away.

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