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Driving School Uithoorn

Driving School Uithoorn | Would you like to start driving lessons and are looking for a suitable driving school? Then Alblas Rijschool Uithoorn might be for you! You can come to us for a variety of driver’s licenses and courses. You can also come to us for such things as brushing up on a particular driver’s license.

Why get driver’s license at Alblas?

Rijschool Alblas has years of experience in helping you pass your driving test. Thus, we handed over 2,400 people their driver’s licenses in 2019. We have a high success rate , offer driving licenses for various vehicles and have experienced and fun driving school instructors. We also offer crash courses and have no waiting times. Should you still get in trouble with your theory, Alblas also has the solution for this; theory courses. With these points, Alblas will have you succeeding in no time!

Driving school Uithoorn, Alblas for various courses

At traffic school Alblas, you can get a variety of courses and driving licenses. Each vehicle requires a different driving license, driving school Uithoorn offers it all. To drive a motorcycle, for example, you need license A1, and to drive a truck, yet another license is required. Among the courses we offer are the following:

  • Code 95
  • Motorcycle license (A1, A2 and A)
  • Scooter Driving License
  • Trailer driving license (for C1E, CE and BE driving license)
  • Car license (B)
  • Truck driving license

With each kind, it is possible to choose from various packages or pay per lesson. It is also possible to order a driving test with us. This way everything is paid at once! Rijschool Uithoorn also offers theory courses. In addition to all kinds of driving licenses, it is also possible to take a theory course at traffic school Alblas. Depending on which theory exam, you take a 1 or 1.5 day course. After this day or 1.5 days you take the theory exam right after. This is possible for driving licenses A, B, T and AM. More details about these courses can be found here:

dates and details theory courses

Driving School Uithoorn

Car driving lessons in Uithoorn

Do you live in Uithoorn and want to get your car license? Then you’ve come to the right place at Alblas. You can choose between automatic and shift classes. Alblas makes sure you have a regular driving instructor who gives personal attention to you. Our driving instructors are all trained and therefore know how to best guide you. You can also first request a trial lesson to get acquainted with your tutor so that you can get to know each other in advance.

Take a trial lesson?

Rijschool Uithoorn | If you are not yet completely sure about your choice for traffic school Alblas, it is possible to first take a trial lesson to see if our way of teaching suits you. Here you will meet the driving instructor and find out if this suits you. Through our website you can request a trial lesson or you can immediately request the package that suits your needs.

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