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Automatic driving license B code 78

Get your automatic driving licence at Alblas! As an automatic driving school, we have been training for the automatic driving licence B (with code 78) for more than 40 years.
We cover a large part of Utrecht, South Holland and North Holland.

You can start theory just before you turn 16. Driving lessons are available from the age of 16.5. At 17, you can get your driving licence, but you have to drive with supervisors until you turn 18.
From the age of 18, you can drive independently.

As an automatic driving school, we see that for some students, lessons in the automatic are a godsend.

The difference between lessons in a “regular” shift car and an automatic, of course, is that you don’t have to shift gears.
Because of this, driving an automatic is often just a little easier to learn. You just have to keep your attention on the traffic, instead of thinking about the gearshift.
The automaton
In 2019, 3% of new car driving licenses were automatics, according to research by the CBR.
This figure will only go upward as the percentage of automatics in the fleet also rises.

Starting in 2030, only electric (automatic) cars may be sold.
Automatic driving license = code 78 driving license
If you take an exam in an automatic-learning car, you will get an automatic license. This is driver’s license B with code 78. That code is also called the vending machine code.

This license only allows you to drive an automatic.
Conversely, with a license for a manual transmission car, you may drive an automatic transmission car.

Apart from the requirements for the car, all the rules about what you are allowed to drive are otherwise the same as for a B license without a code 78.

The words “automatic driver’s license” or “code 78 driver’s license” often refer to a car driver’s license.
But there is also an automatic motorcycle license: license A with code 78.
From automatic driving license to shift driving license
If you would still like to convert your automatic driver’s license to a shift driving license later, you will have to take a driving test again.

However, the theory exam remains valid.

Still doubting whether to get an automatic driver’s license or shifter driver’s license? Then take a trial car lesson with us, so the instructor can estimate your learning speed.
Then you can make a more informed decision.
Automatic driver’s license disappears?
The automatic code on the bus (D and DE) and truck (C and CE) driver’s license was abolished in 2014.
This is because almost all new buses and trucks have automatic, semi-automatic or hybrid transmissions.
It remains true, however, that the driver must be able to shift gears.

The same development is coming for the car license, now that most new cars are also electric or hybrid, and thus an automatic.
In Germany, meanwhile, an abbreviated shifting course is sufficient for people who have graduated in an automatic. In Switzerland, the automatic driver’s license disappeared before.

In the Netherlands, it has not reached that point yet, but discussions are underway between the driving school industry and the government on the subject.

Abolishing the automaton code could also lead to a higher pass rate on the practical tests for driver’s license B.

When CBR had a huge backlog in March 2021 due to the covid measures of the previous period, it was mooted as a solution.
But the idea was rejected: “not realistic and feasible. See pdf Examination Task Force p. 35.
Age driving license B for automatic
You can start car and automatic driving lessons from the age of 16.5. From the age of 17 you may take practical car tests, whether it is a switch car or an automatic.

If you get your driver’s license at age 17, you do have to drive with permanent supervisors until age 18(2todrive), and this is only allowed in the Netherlands.
In addition to your B driver’s license, you then also need a companion pass that lists your coaches.

From the age of 18, you may drive independently.

To graduate, you must first have your theory. You can get those from the age of 16. The theory certificate remains valid for a year and a half.

If you want to start driving lessons when you are just 16, you can get driving lessons on the driving simulator with us. You learn a lot from that, and that’s how you save on regular driving lessons.
We are one of the few driving schools that offer this.

It is helpful to start your theory when you have just had a few practical lessons.
This makes learning easier: traffic rules become more alive. But do wrap it up as soon as possible, so you don’t have to deal with that any further in your driving lesson.
How long does it take to get your automatic driver’s license?
Many people need at least a year lead time to get their automatic driver’s license.
This is also due to the accumulated waiting times at the CBR for both theory and practical exams. If you have to take a retake, everything takes a very long time.

If you want really fast, hurry up with your theory and make sure you get it right away.
Then you take many driving lessons in a short period of time. At our driving school, there is no waiting time, even for automatic driving lessons.
Take enough driving lessons so that you get your license in one go, and you don’t have to wait for the CBR unnecessarily.

Extra fast is our 7, 8 or 10 day crash course in automatic driving license. At Alblas, we can often arrange a practical exam for you within 7 weeks.

We recommend you start with a trial lesson in automatic. In that lesson, the driving instructor can estimate how many hours of lessons you will need. They are also immediately your first two classes.
A trial lesson can precede normal driving lessons or a crash course.
Get driving license automatic
You may apply for your automatic driver’s license (driver’s license B with code 78) if you:

Are 17 years of age or older
Passed your theory exam for car (B)
Passed your practical exam in an automatic car (B code 78)

In addition, you must also fill out a health certificate at the CBR.

If you have medical complaints that may affect your ability to drive, the CBR may require a medical examination.
Cost of driving license automatic
In general, the total cost for an automatic license is slightly lower than for a regular B license. After all, you don’t have to learn to shift gears.

The cost of getting a driver’s license is mainly determined by:

the number of driving lessons
The number of times you take the exam

There are also some smaller additional costs, such as a theory book, any theory course and the application for the license itself.

As an automatic driving school, we strive for you to get your license in one sitting. That saves time and money.
Alblas: your automatic driving school
Alblas is one of the few automatic driving schools in the Netherlands. As a driving school, we have been training for the automatic driver’s license for more than 40 years.
We give automatic driving lessons in much of South Holland, Utrecht and North Holland.

We are a licensed driving school that has been around for over 60 years.


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