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Truck with trailer driving license CE

Drivers wishing to transport behind the truck with a trailer/semi-trailer with a maximum mass of more than 750 kg are required to obtain the E by C license.
Practical examination CE driving license
The E by C exam covers all facets of the driving profession.

The exam begins with a check of registration papers. Then you hitch the combination and take an exam course, where your driving record and traffic insight are assessed.
This is done on various roads, both inside and outside built-up areas. During the drive, you will also perform special maneuvers in industrial areas and at loading docks.

Exam format: practical
Duration: 85 minutes
Admission requirements / bring to the exam:

Minimum 18 years of age
And the following documents:

A valid NL driving license C (automatic or shift)
or NL driving license C (automatic or shift) whose period of validity has expired + legal proof of identity
or valid EC/EEA driving license C (automatic or shift) + legal identification and the call for the exam

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