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Car with trailer license BE

Getting a trailer driving licence? For a heavy trailer behind car or van?
This licence is officially called driving licence BE, but is also known as driving licence E, or E behind B. Get it fast at driving school Alblas!

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The trailer
Trailers for cars and vans come in all shapes and sizes:

normal trailer or cart
box or trailer with hood
heavy caravan
boat trailer
horse trailer

It may have a single axle, or it may be a double axle.

All these species do not matter for the rules. Only the weight of the trailer and load, and possibly the car, determine which license is needed.
Driving license BE = trailer driving license = E behind B = driving license E = driving license B and E = trailer driving license
The BE driver’s license is also called “E behind B,” “B and E driver’s license,” or “E driver’s license” for short.

The word “E license” is just a little confusing, because you have other E licenses as well. For example, a driver’s license CE (truck with trailer).
Driving license B+ = driving license B with code 96
Driving license B+ is a European driving license category. It is the same as driver’s license B with code 96.

However, the exam you need to take for driver’s license B+ is the same as the exam for driver’s license BE.
Having passed the BE exam, you may choose between BE or B with code 96 (B+). BE is standard, since you can do more with it than with a B+ license.
What kind of trailer can you drive with trailer license BE?
With a recent trailer license BE, you may drive:

a trailer of 750 to 3500 kg, behind a car or van of up to 3500 kg

It is always about the official, maximum weight of the car, trailer and load.

Other licenses can also be used to tow a trailer. Which license belongs to which trailer is determined by maximum permitted weight of the trailer plus load.

Trailer and cargo are together:

lighter than 750 kg: driving license B is sufficient
between 750 and 3500 kg: driving license BE
heavier than 3500 kg: a driving license BE obtained before January 19, 2013 or a driving license C1E or CE
heavier than 750 kg, but with the weight of car or van added lighter than 3500 kg: driving license B is sufficient
heavier than 750 kg, but with the weight of car or van added between 3500 and 4250 kg: driving license B+ or BE
between 750 and 3500 kg, and with the weight of car or van added heavier than 4250 kg: driving license BE

The police have a very handy tool where you can enter all the weights and from that comes the required license.

At the RDW you can enter a license plate number and see the weight of the car and the maximum tow bar load.

Remember that there are other rules for trailers:

the tow bar should also be able to handle it
trailers over 750 kg must always be braked and have their own registration number
above 1500 kg, a breakaway brake device is also mandatory

Trailer without a BE driver’s license?
If you do not have a valid license for the combination car, trailer and cargo, there are these risks:

That you put other road users in (life) danger, because the trailer will veer, for example
That you will be fined
That you are not insured

Yet you don’t always have to get a trailer license to drive a car or van with a trailer:

If the trailer may be driven with a B driving license
If you obtained your car license B before January 1, 1984.
Back then, you got BE automatically with it.
If you have a C1E driver’s license

Getting a trailer license
You may apply for your BE license if you:

Have a B driver’s license, and:
Are over 18, and:
passed the practical test BE

There is no theory exam with it.

You must fill out a health statement, but there is no standard medical examination.
It is required only for certain diseases and conditions, or over the age of 75.
BE driving license in your pocket, but little experience?
If you are officially allowed to drive a heavy trailer, but are still unsure of your skills, our trailer refresher course is recommended.
Great for people who drive a heavy caravan once a year, or use the trailer from work only occasionally.
Get your trailer driving license BE at Alblas!
Rijschool Alblas offers several E behind B driving license packages:

the full-day BE course
You will be taught how to drive a trailer all day. At the end of the day, the practical exam will be administered.
the abbreviated BE course
If you already have experience driving a trailer, you can take advantage of a half-day course in which various exercises will prepare you for the practical exam.
single lessons
Every week you will take a class working toward the practical exam. Please contact us for this.

We always recommend starting with a trial trailer lesson.

In a trial lesson you will get a personal advice from the driving instructor which package is most suitable for you to get the trailer driving license.
In addition, you can then practice driving backwards with the trailer.

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