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Medical examination large driving license

In addition to medical examinations for a large driver’s license, we also offer regular driver’s license examinations (car, motorcycle, etc.), for example for people over 75 who want to renew their driver’s license.
Medical examination large driving license
A medical examination is required for every major driver’s license. Both when applying for and renewing a driver’s license, the inspection is required.

This applies even if you are not a professional driver, and therefore do not have Code 95 on your driver’s license.

Every 5 years, this medical examination must be repeated.

A large driver’s license is:

A C or CE driver’s license (truck)
A C1 or C1E driver’s license (light truck or motorhome)
A driver’s license D or DE (bus)
a D1, D1E driver’s license

We also offer regular driver’s license examinations (car, motorcycle, etc.).
Inspection for tractor and forklift
Tractor and forklift are beyond the scope of the major driving license. Things are also different with medical examinations in this regard.

The inspection for the tractor license (T) is not standard, only for certain diseases, disorders and over 75 years of age.
There is also no legally required medical examination for the forklift, but employers may sometimes require it anyway.
Medical examination code 95
The medical examination and the Code 95 for professional drivers are basically separate. If you did not have your code 95 yet, and your major driving license did, you can apply for a modified license without undergoing a medical examination.
However, it is advisable for that situation to immediately apply for a new large driver’s license, with Code 95. And then you do get a medical examination.

When renewing your major driving license (with or without Code 95), you will also always have to undergo a medical examination.
In addition, as a professional driver with Code 95, you must also meet continuing education requirements to renew your license. We also offer Code 95 courses for that continuing education.
Occupational physician for inspection of large driver’s license
A medical examination for a large driver’s license cannot be done by the family doctor. The occupational physician (occupational physician) does the inspection for the large driver’s license. For other driver’s licenses, the family physician can inspect.
Of course, our company doctor is BIG-registered.

The requirements for fitness to drive are higher with a large driver’s license than with other licenses. This is because they are heavy vehicles, and a (professional) driver usually spends many hours on the road.
Schedule CBR medical examination large driving license
If you want to renew or apply for your driver’s license, you must first complete a health declaration at the CBR. They will then send you a referral letter and the ZorgDomein code (abbreviated to ZD code).

It generally takes at most a few days to get your referral letter and ZD code.
But if there may be some medical doubt, the CBR needs more time. It also takes longer if you apply for it by mail instead of online.

The CBR does give professional drivers priority. They promise the referral letter will be there within 4 weeks, or 10 days if the license is in danger of expiring.

The CBR usually refers you to an occupational physician (company doctor). So that person then acts as an examiner for the large driver’s license.
But if you have an illness that can affect your ability to drive, the CBR may want to have you examined by a specialist.

The medical examiner will need your ZD code during the examination. If the CBR has sent additional forms, bring them to the doctor’s appointment as well. And your driver’s license or ID.

You can find more explanations about the course of an examination for the large driving license at the CBR.
To the medical examiner’s large driving license
About once every four weeks an occupational physician is present at the driving school. Who then does the medical examinations for the large driver’s license and the examinations for those over 75.

Reserve a spot by choosing your desired inspection. You will then see an online calendar, where you can schedule your medical driving test appointment right away.

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