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Light truck driving license C1

Driving license C1 allows you to drive a vehicle with a maximum mass between 3500 kg and 7500 kg.

At Alblas, you will learn the basic skills needed to obtain this driver’s license.
Motorhome driving license or C1 with code 95?
A camper license is the same as a C1 driver’s license without Code 95. For the RV, you take fewer exams.
The lessons on this page are intended for professional drivers. Professional drivers must get their C1 with code 95.
Truck driving license C1 with code 95
To get your C1 driving license with Code 95, you must be at least 18 years old and have your B driver’s license. At Alblas, you decide whether to take individual lessons or a course. In the first case, you determine the exam time in consultation with your instructor. You can schedule as many classes as you want. We do not have a waiting period.
Theory and practical exams
The C1 driving license driving course with Code 95 consists of 6 exams:

theory exam RVM1-C1: for this we have the light-truck theory course
theory exam VM2-C: for this we have the light-truck theory course
Theory exam VM3-C: for this we have the light-truck theory course
practical test C1: part of the light truck driving instruction package
practical test of professional competence C1: practical test (VPTC1)
practical competence test C1: confined terrain test (VPBC1)

Take a theory course for a higher pass rate.
Medical examination driving license
To take the light truck exam (category C1), you must complete a health declaration and undergo a medical examination.
The renewal of the C1 driver’s license also requires a medical examination. Every 5 years this inspection must be repeated to renew it.
Advanced training code 95
Professional drivers are required to retrain, otherwise you cannot renew your Code 95.
You must have completed 35 hours of education, including 7 hours of practice. These hours may be spread over a period of 5 years.

Continuing education is paid for by your employer.

Code 95 courses are often taken partly at home(e-learning) and partly at the driving school. Truck-related courses such as digital tachograph or updating professional competence are also offered.

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