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Driving school Aalsmeer

Driving School Aalsmeer | Do you live in the Green Heart and are you looking for a driving school where you can get your license? Then Alblas driving school Aalsmeer may well be the answer for you.

It is possible to take various driving courses with us. Training for the following vehicles is possible with us:

In addition to these driving courses, it is also possible to take a refresher course code 95 at Alblas driving school Aalsmeer.

At Alblas you will have a regular instructor, he or she will teach you all the intricacies and get you all ready for the exam.

Theory course or book

With Alblas driving school Aalsmeer you can get all your driving licenses under one roof, but now you can also come to us to get your theory exam.

It is possible to take theory lessons with others with us. This course takes about 1.5 days and this includes theory exam.
On the first day, you will have a lot of explanation of the material of the knowledge questions. The second day consists of hazard recognition and taking mock exams.

Also, we have theory books in our webshop for those who prefer to learn by themselves. This contains all the necessary information you will need on the exam. Again, you have the opportunity to take mock exams.

Alblas driving school Aalsmeer offers the total package for your driving license.

Alblas friends discount, driving school Aalsmeer

If you are taking lessons at Alblas driving school Aalsmeer or you just passed, you can participate in the Alblas friends discount. This program involves making money by recruiting new candidates. All you have to do is sign up a new student and you can receive €10 per candidate for just that!

Any questions or comments can always be contacted. To do so, call 0880 – 241 888 or email info@alblas.net.

Take a trial lesson?

Rijschool Aalsmeer | If you are not yet completely sure about your choice for traffic school Alblas, it is possible to take a trial lesson first to see if our way of teaching suits you. Here you will meet the driving instructor and find out if this suits you.

Through our website you can request a trial lesson or you can immediately request the package that suits your needs.

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