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130 km per hour speed limit applies from September 2012

Feb 6, 2015

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The speed limit on highways will become 130 kilometers per hour everywhere by September 1, unless otherwise specified. If a different speed limit applies, it is indicated on signs along and above the road. This is, for example, on highways where it is not possible to increase the speed limit because of road safety, the environment (noise and air standards) or nature. The Aug. 24 Official Gazette reports the amendment to the RVV.

At a transition from 100 or 120 kilometers per hour to 130 kilometers per hour on a highway, there is a sign that says 130 kilometers per hour. At the entrance ramp to a highway where 130 kilometers per hour applies, there is a freeway sign.

Speed limit 130

On a route with a varying speed limit, 130 kilometers per hour applies in the evening and at night and a lower speed applies during the day. The daytime speed limit is indicated by a roadside sign, accompanied by a lower sign indicating the time window (from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.).

Places where 130 is not driven are the 80 and 100 kilometer zones near major cities, rush-hour lanes. The applicable speed limit is then indicated by signs. The speed limit for a car with a trailer remains 90. For truck traffic, a maximum of 80 will remain in place on all highways.

Road Safety

In the period until early 2015, the speed will go to 130 kilometers per hour on several more highways. On these highways, the government must first implement measures to further improve road safety. These include extending entrance and exit lanes, installing guide rail and adjusting lines.

Theory book supplier Verjo updates books as soon as possible. “Our equipment was adjusted within a few weeks,” says Chris Verstappen of Verjo. “Driving schools that still have a stock of theory books will receive an erratum from us. That’s an addition with the new rules.”

Download Verjo’s erratum with the new rules here.

SOURCE: TrafficPro.com

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