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Beginning drivers

Feb 6, 2015


Anyone who first obtained a driver’s license after March 30, 2002, is a novice driver for the first five years. It does not matter what type of motor vehicle this license was issued for. This may include, for example, a motorcycle (category A) or a passenger car (category B) are.


Different criteria apply to the novice driver for a driving test. If a novice driver commits three traffic offenses, the validity of the driver’s license may be suspended and an examination of his driving ability may be imposed.

Any violation must have been personally observed by an officer, who must stop the driver. Flagging a violation by license plate number is not enough, because in doing so, there is a chance that someone other than the novice driver was behind the wheel.

When to have a driving test?

The novice driver must undergo a driving test if three times within five years:

  • behaves in such a way as to cause or be likely to cause danger on the road or to impede or be likely to impede traffic on the road;
  • behaves in such a manner and thereby causes a traffic accident that kills another person, sustains serious bodily injury or is temporarily ill or prevented from engaging in normal activities;
  • driving too close to the predecessor (tailgating);
  • on a freeway exceeds the speed limit by more than 40 km/h and on other roads by more than 30 km/h;
  • injury to persons or damage to property caused by failure to properly observe traffic rules or signs.

Irrevocable convictions

A driving test must involve three irrevocable convictions (or settlements). The offenses must have occurred within the five-year period, but convictions or settlements may occur after that time.

Temporary driver’s license invalidity does not affect the five-year term.


For the novice driver, the criteria for an EMA have been tightened. No distinction is made between a novice driver and a non- novice driver for the purpose of a fitness examination a suspension of the validity of the driver’s license.

When EMA?

  • a detected alcohol level of 350 µg/l (0.8 promille);
  • more than once violated Article 8(2) of the 1994 Road Traffic Act.

Issue communication

The Traffic Enforcement Bureau of the Public Prosecutor’s Office (BVOM) receives police reports on novice drivers. The BVOM then issues a notification to the CBR once a driver meets the requirements listed above. CBR’s Claims Division can then initiate the claim procedure.


Thus, a person is a novice driver for the first five years from the date a license was first issued to him or her. In this regard, it does not matter what type of motor vehicle this license was issued for. This can be for example for a motorcycle (category A) or a passenger car (category B) are.

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