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No European MOT requirement for motorcycles

Feb 6, 2015

photo: KNMV photo: KNMV
By 21 votes to 19, the European Parliament’s Transport and Tourism Committee ruled today that there will be no European MOT requirement for motorcycles.


The KNMV is very pleased with the fact that MEPs have voted against the European MOT requirement for motorcycles. Much attention has been paid to this issue over the past year. The KNMV has emphasized in discussions with European players that motorcyclists are being unnecessarily burdened by the mandatory MOT proposal. The purpose of the original proposal, to improve road safety, is not achieved by the proposed measures.

Human behavior

According to the latest European study of accidents involving motor vehicles (MAIDS, 2009), only 0.3% of accidents showed that a technical defect was the cause of the accident. Still human behavior is the leading cause of traffic accidents.

Investment in motorcycle training

The KNMV continues to engage with policymakers to indicate that the emphasis should be on the self-responsibility of road users, both motorcyclists and motorists and other road users. The KNMV calls for more European research and investment in training to improve road safety.

Source: KNMV.NL

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