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Stricter requirements for blinding headlights

Feb 6, 2015


For new cars registered from Jan. 1, 2007, there are stricter requirements for retrofitting extra strong headlights, known as xenon lights. The Cabinet agreed to this this afternoon. The installation of these lamps is allowed only if they meet certain requirements.

The main requirements are automatic level control and a headlight cleaning system. When a car hangs back due to a heavy load, an oncoming car can be blinded by the headlights. A level regulator counteracts this. Furthermore, a sprinkler should keep the lamps clean. In fact, a dirty headlight can create blinding “stray light. Because of the high light output, preventing glare is very important with xenon lights.

The introduction of the requirements was already announced last year. To prevent motorists who have already installed xenon lights in good faith from having to modify their vehicles, it has now been decided that the rules will only apply to new cars.

Originally, in addition to xenon lamps, the requirements were to apply to other lamps with luminous intensities over 2,000 lumens. Because, for enforcement purposes, the luminous intensity cannot be checked with the available means of measurement, the requirements for the latter category are dropped.

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