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B driving license inspection


Need medical examination for B driver's license? Book an inspection quickly and easily at driving school Alblas.

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When medical examination for driver's license B?

Anyone seeking to renew a driver's license after age 75 always receives a medical examination to determine fitness to drive. A car license B must be renewed every five years, and so then the medical examination is repeated.

If driving ability may be affected by illness or medication, you may already be given an examination in the interim. Also, some people have to get tested as early as when they apply for a driver's license.
If you have doubts about your own driving ability, such as after a medical incident, you can request an examination yourself.

CBR uses the completed health declaration to determine whether the examination should be performed by a specialist or ordinary doctor.
In the latter case, the medical examination can be done by the family doctor. But most family physicians do not want this, so as not to disrupt the relationship.

Our company doctor then offers a solution. You simply book your medical examination for driver's license B below.

The medical examination

In the medical examination, the doctor assesses whether you are healthy enough to drive safely.

The doctor looks at:

  • your physical condition
  • your mental condition
  • your arms, legs and spine
  • your blood pressure
  • your blood sugar (whether you have diabetes)
  • your eyes (this may be with glasses or lenses)

This culminates in an inspection report. That report is sent by the medical examiner himself to the CBR.
After that, the CBR determines your fitness to drive. Within four weeks, they will make a decision. This will tell you whether you are fit to drive, or if there are conditions attached.

If the CBR has doubts, another appointment with a doctor or specialist may be needed. The CBR may also ask you to take a driving test.

Rejected for car license?

If you are disqualified from driving, you can convert your B license to a moped license AM.

This license AM is used for driving a scooter, moped and micro-mobile. There is no medical examination, even for people with certain diseases.

Only you cannot reverse this conversion.

Taking to the inspection

The medical examiner needs the ZD code from the referral letter for the B driver's license examination. You must have it with you at the appointment.
If the CBR has sent additional forms, bring those with you as well. And a driver's license or proof of identity.

Immediately schedule medical examination B driving license

Reserve a spot with the examiner by choosing a date and time in the calendar below.

To arrange the inspection quickly, we would prefer to receive it immediately:

Enter this code at checkout, in "Comments.

If you don't know how to get a ZD code, check out the general explanation of driver's license examinations.


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