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Hundreds of motorists are already driving around with alcohol locks

Feb 6, 2015

Source: trafficpro.com

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Six months after the introduction of the alcohol lock, the device has been installed in 284 cars and 203 drivers are driving around with it. 414 Directors signed up for the motivational program. The CBR has already determined 1735 motorists are only allowed to drive with the alcohol lock.

Participants in the ASP program have a driver’s license with code 103, which indicates that you can only drive a car with an alcohol lock.


Anyone caught in a car with a blood alcohol content of 1.3 and caught since Dec. 1 has the chance of an alcohol lock. For novice drivers, the limit is 1 promille and repeat offenders are screwed from 0.8 promille.

These drink drivers must drive around with the lock for at least two years and participate in a motivational program. This is a three-day course in which motorists “learn to separate the use of alcohol from driving a motor vehicle.

Alcohol Deaths

Drivers with alcohol levels over 1.3 promille make up only one-fifth of all offenders, but are responsible for four-fifths of all alcohol deaths. If it is a leased car then the device can also be built in it. This does not apply to trucks and buses.

Those who refuse to participate in the ALP will lose their driver’s license and can only apply for a new one after five years. To get one, he must still participate in the ALP.To start a car with an alcolock, the driver must blow through a tube into the device. If he blows above 0.2 promille, the car will not start.


One must also blow while driving. If you fail to do so or blow above 0.2 promille, the car will stall. However, you do have plenty of time to find a stopping place, reports Metro. The total cost for the ASP comes to about 4,000 euros for the two years one has to participate in the ASP.

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