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Moped driving lessons package (driving license AM4)

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The moped driving lesson package consists of a number of driving lessons on the moped and the practical exam for driver's license AM4.

You must be at least 16 and already have your theory.

You will receive private instruction from an experienced instructor. You will practice at our site in Woerdense Verlaat, near Woerden.

The moped driver's license is officially called "moped driver's license, " or driver's license AM4.
You don't need it if you already have your scooter, car or motorcycle license.

Your driving lesson starts from the main location in Woerdense Verlaat - Uitweg 17.

Moped driving lesson

The driving lesson consists of practical exercises:

  • half turn counterclockwise
  • times by stabbing
  • forward and reverse congestion parking
  • compartment parking forward and reverse
  • precision stop
  • emergency stop
  • stop in the corner
  • drive straight backwards
  • fallback exercise

In the practical moped test, the examiner chooses five of these skills. You show those at the exam site of the CBR.
You don't have to go into town: traffic participation is not tested.

Pass in one go

In general, it is better to take too many lessons than too few. You thereby increase your success rate.

Succeeding at once has many advantages. It's cheaper on balance, because it saves you the cost of the extra exams.
You also get your driver's license faster. The CBR has a hefty wait time for practical exams. You then have those only once instead of several times.

How often do you go to classes?

A class hour is 60 minutes with us. We usually schedule classes in 2-hour blocks.

In your last hour and a half of driving lessons, you will go with the instructor to the CBR in Nieuw-Vennep or Utrecht. There you then take your practical exam.
Along the way, you will learn how to move safely through traffic. The instructor gives directions, and you are explained what to expect on the exam.

You can also take more than two classes in one day. For example, because you live far away. We do recommend scheduling that last hour and a half plus exam, on a separate day.

Being picked up?

If it's convenient for you, the instructor can pick you up by moped. For example at Woerden station, Breukelen or at the bus stop in Nieuwkoop, Vinkeveen and surrounding areas.

You will then drive yourself to our practice area in Woerdense Verlaat. Along the way, you get moped driving lessons. At the end, you bring yourself back to the train or bus. Then the instructor will drive back to Woerdense Verlaat.

For a driving lesson with pickup, book at least 3 consecutive hours of lessons, including the instructor's travel time.

How many hours do you need?

The number of hours required to get your AM4 driver's license varies greatly from person to person.
Therefore, we recommend taking a moped test lesson first. Then the instructor will make an assessment for you.


Alblas has his own moped. You learn with us in a Casalini.

Starting right away with moped driving lessons

For the practical exam, you must be at least 16 years old. At the time you take moped driving lessons, you must already be 16.
You must also have your theory by then: only then may you take your practical exam. Your theory is valid for a year and a half.

If you haven't passed your theory yet, start that right away. You may take the moped theory exam from age 15.5.
Because the CBR has hefty wait times for theory exams, it's best to reserve a date well in advance.
Increase your chances of passing your theory with our moped theory course.

As soon as the date of your theory exam is known, we will schedule the moped driving lessons.
In fact, the CBR also has long wait times for the moped practical exams. We want to give you a place soon, so you can go up for your practical as soon as possible after your theory exam.

The sooner the driver's license is in your pocket, the better!

Additional info we need

In order to get you a spot on moped driving lessons as soon as possible, it's helpful if we know in advance

  • when you have passed your moped theory
  • or: when your moped theory exam is scheduled

You can indicate this at checkout, under "Comments.

Also authorize us immediately to apply for your exam:

Where and when

Date and time: Monday through Saturday, including evenings; we'll call you for consultation
Location: Woerdense Verlaat (driving lessons) and the CBR in Nieuw-Vennep or Utrecht (practical exam)

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