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Moped Info

Feb 6, 2015

From June 15, 2011 , it will be possible to apply for theory exam for moped driving license at 15.5 years old .  With the lowering of the age to 15.5
year, young people are given six months to pass the theoretical exam.
obtain. This allows for better scheduling of practical exams. The minimum age for the practical exam remains 16.

From age 16 , you may drive a moped, motorized bicycle or micro-mobile.
However, an AM driver’s license is then required.

The theory exam.

You will be given 50 questions: yes/no questions, multiple-choice questions and open-ended questions. Of these, the
you answer at least 44 questions correctly.

Questions are asked based on traffic situations you see on a large TV monitor. You must then imagine that you are the moped rider,moped rider or moped driver in the image shown. The exam takes about three-quarters of an hour.

After the exam, you will hear within half an hour whether you passed. Did you pass?
Then you can apply for an AM driver’s license at City Hall. If so, don’t forget to bring proof of identity and a passport photo that meets current legal requirements.

The theory exam not only tests your knowledge of traffic rules. Natural
Also come traffic insight, responsible driving, environmental and vehicle technology

The practical exam was introduced to reduce moped accidents and increase safety.

If you have a driving license for category A or B, you may drive moped and micro-mobile.You do not need to take an exam.

There is a practical exam for the moped and a practical exam for the moped.
If you pass the practical moped test (AM4), you may

riding in a moped. To drive a moped, you must pass a moped practical examination (AM2) .

At Alblas Verkeersschool you can choose single lessons or the day course. The day course lasts 5½ hours including the practical exam. Before you hit the road you practice
first on our own property some moped skills. Next
Together with the instructor, you drive to Utrecht ( 35 minutes) during which you take a numerous
of situations encountered. This is good preparation for traffic in the busy city.

The question from many parents I speak to why not drive to Utrecht with a BE combination and practice there is simply that we  go from easy (the candidate has to get used to the vehicle anyway) to difficult.  In the meantime, candidates have then already had and dealt with a number of instructive traffic situations, including  the viewing behavior and safe participation on the carriageway and on the moped path.In Utrecht, the situations as in the exam are practiced and you drive in the exam area.

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