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Feb 6, 2015

Source: infopolitie.co.uk

 This article is not about what pedestrians are allowed, but what obligations other road users have toward the pedestrian.

Art. 49: Obligations towards pedestrians.

Drivers should let go ahead:

  1. Blind, equipped with guide cane;
  2. Other persons, who have difficulty moving around;
  3. Pedestrians and drivers of disabled vehicles, crossing or apparently about to cross a crosswalk.

Point 3 does not apply to the military column or funeral procession. This rule also does not apply if the pedestrian and disabled vehicle crossing is controlled by traffic lights.

  • A crosswalk refers only to the pedestrian crossing; any other form of crossing does not have these privileges.
  • Blind and obstructed people must also be given priority outside the crosswalk.
  • A partially eroded crosswalk remains a crosswalk (Leeuwarden Court ruling).

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