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Route planners and navigation systems updated faster

Feb 6, 2015

TomTom, navigation system

As of Jan. 1, 2013, road users will receive faster information about road modifications via their route planners and navigation systems. As of this date, traffic orders are published electronically in the Government Gazette. As a result, important road modifications, such as an entry ban, can be implemented more quickly by providers of route planners and navigation systems.

The 434 road authorities in the Netherlands currently publish changes in road data in dozens of different local daily and weekly newspapers. Collecting and processing changes from all those paper sources is a time-consuming task for mapmakers. This leads to incomplete travel advisories and inconvenience for road users.


From January 1, all changes to essential road data will be made available digitally, standardized and through a single window (Staatscourant.nl). This will allow road details such as an entry ban, adjustment of speed limits or introduction of an environmental zone to be implemented faster by mapmakers. For example, it prevents trucks from navigating through environmental zones.

Electronic publication saves road authorities around a million euros in publication costs per year. The changes also enable new services to citizens. For example, consider a notification service for (draft) traffic decisions in your own region.

Source: trafficpro.com

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