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Scooter practice in 1 day (driving license AM)

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Get your scooter practice in 1 day! You get 4 hours of scooter driving lessons and the practical exam for driver's license AM. You take the exam at the end of the day scooter course.

You must be at least 16 and already have your theory.

The day course scooter starts at our location Woerdense Verlaat, near Woerden.

The scooter driver's license is officially called "moped license," or: driver's license AM.
You don't need it if you already have your car or motorcycle license.

Scooter practice in 1 day

You get 4 hours of lessons: explanation and scooter driving lessons. A maximum of two other students will be present.

First, you'll get a brief introduction, and you'll practice briefly on our grounds.
Then the instructor gives scooter driving lessons. In that driving lesson, you will drive to the exam area in Utrecht.

Along the way, you will learn how to move safely through traffic. The instructor gives directions, and you are explained what to expect on the exam.

At the end of the day, you will take your practical scooter exam at the CBR in Utrecht.
Afterwards, you will drive back together to the driving school in Woerdense Verlaat.


You do not need to bring your own scooter; you will be taught on a scooter provided by Alblas. On that, you also learn to shift gears.

Immediately start scooter practice in 1 day

For the practical exam, you must be at least 16 years old. Thus, at the time of taking the day course in scooter, you must be 16.
You must also have your theory by then: only then may you take your practical exam. Your theory is valid for a year and a half.

If you haven't passed your theory yet, start that right away. You may take the scooter theory exam from age 15.5.
Because the CBR has hefty wait times for theory exams, it's best to reserve a date well in advance.
Increase your chances of passing your theory with our scooter theory course.

Once the date of your theory exam is known, we will schedule the Scooter practice in 1 day.
In fact, the CBR also has long wait times for scooter practical exams. We want to give you a place soon, so you can go up for your practical as soon as possible after your theory exam.

The sooner the driver's license is in your pocket, the better!

Additional info we need

In order to get you a spot on the scooter day course as soon as possible, it would be helpful if we know in advance

  • when you have passed your scooter theory
  • Or: when your scooter theory exam is scheduled

You can indicate this at checkout, under "Comments.

Also authorize us immediately to apply for your exam:

Where and when

Date and time: we teach this one-day course weekly; we will call you for consultation to schedule it
Location: Woerdense Verlaat, Utrecht exam area and CBR in Utrecht.
The practice day starts and ends in Woerdense Verlaat, but you will also practice in Utrecht and drive off at the CBR in Utrecht.

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