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Apply for driver’s license

After the necessary lessons, excitement and a well-completed driving test, the time has come: you have passed. Now is the time to get your coveted driver’s license. How does that work?

You personally apply for your new driver’s license at the municipality in your hometown.
To do so, bring a passport photo and a valid ID.
You pay the cost of the driver’s license (these vary by municipality).
Please note that to be eligible for the driver’s license at the municipality, you must be living in the Netherlands at the time of application and have lived in the Netherlands for at least 185 days in the previous year.

Central Bureau of Driving Licenses (CBR).
Everyone who has passed his or her driver’s license is recorded in the Central Bureau of Driver Licenses (CBR). The municipality can check this register to see whether or not you have passed.



You are 17 years old and you obtained your driver’s license through 2todrive. So how does it work?

1. When all coaches (max. 5) are registered via the website www.2todrive.nl on your coach pass, you can personally apply for your driving license at the municipality of your place of residence. (You can already arrange for the companion pass during your driving course). Without a companion pass, you won’t get the driver’s license.

2. Bring a passport photo and valid identification.

3. You pay the cost of the driver’s license and companion pass(these vary by municipality).

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