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Cab driver card

In view of the professionalization of the cab industry, every cab driver who started cab transport after July 1, 2001 must hold the legally required cab driver’s card.

Cab driver cards

There are two different types of driver cards:

  • The full driver’s card cab

This allows a cab driver to perform all types of cab transportation.

  • And the limited driver card cab

The limited cab driver card is for cab drivers who drive with regular passengers, on regular routes and at regular times and who do not perform financial operations in the cab.

The conditions for obtaining and renewing the (limited) driver card are:

  • Original Certificate of Good Conduct, not older than four months
  • Original Medical Certificate, not older than four months
  • Valid driver’s license

Driver card, full (TVP) or limited (TVPC)

You can get the (limited) driver’s license from CCV by passing the corresponding theory and practical exam. You do not need to have the erklaring Omtrent Gedrag and Geneeskundige Verklaring yet when you take the exam.

To go into the theory exam well prepared, practicing at home yourself with Theory Material is recommended.

You can apply for the (limited) driver card from Kiwa Register.

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