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Car theory course driving license B


The car theory course is one day of theory lessons. Take car theory in 1 day and increase your chances of passing the exam right away.

The theory course is held at our Woerdense Verlaat location, near Woerden.

The theory course trains for the car theory exam for driver's license B.

Car theory in 1 day

You will receive classroom instruction from an experienced theory instructor.

The course content focuses on the car theory exam. So it is not a general theory course that you do together with students for other driving licenses. Therefore, the instructor will cover highways and freeways extensively.

The course lasts a day, and is quite intensive.
This is because we strive to ensure that you not only pass your theory, but that you actually understand the traffic rules. Only then can you easily apply them in practice. It is important for your own safety that you can react quickly to traffic, and not have to think about the rules first.

All the main sections of the car theory exam are covered:

  • recognizing dangerous situations
  • Knowledge of traffic rules and road signs
  • understanding of traffic and traffic rules

Furthermore, the instructor pays close attention to the subject of intersections, since most accidents happen at intersections.
But you will also get explanations on things like environmentally conscious driving, dashboard lights, how much load is allowed on the trailer, etc..

During the course of the day, you will do practice questions on your phone, which the instructor will review in class.
At the end of the day, you will take a full mock auto theory exam.

Immediately schedule car theory course

You may take the car theory exam from the age of 16. You must have your theory to be able to drive for the car B license. The theory certificate remains valid for a year and a half.

Driving lessons are allowed from 16.5 years of age and the practical exam can be done from 17 years of age.

step 1: book theory exam

The first step is to reserve your theory exam at exam institute CBR. Due to crowds, CBR is currently experiencing a wait time for car theory exams. The options vary quite a bit.

You'll get your turn fastest if you check several times in one day for convenient exam dates. New theory exams are also often released in the evenings.
Furthermore, it may matter at which location you will take the exam.

Hence, we now recommend that you arrange it yourself, instead of us booking it for you. If you want us to do it, buy a separate car theory exam from us. At checkout you then indicate that you want the theory course with it. You can do so under "Comments.

Please note that once the theory exam is booked, it cannot be more cancelled. You can reschedule. That way you can also bring it forward if an earlier date becomes available.

When choosing an exam date, keep a slant on the dates of our theory courses. In fact, it works best if you can keep the time between the course and the exam short.

step 2: book car theory course

Once you know when you will be going up for your theory, you can also schedule the theory course.

At the bottom of the page is a calendar with possible dates for car theory in 1 day. In it you can sign up for a particular day.

step 3: theory book car

Study materials are not included in the course.

It is convenient to order it in advance:

If you come to the course well prepared, you will get the most out of it.

Where and when

Date and time: see calendar below for possible theory days
Location: Woerdense Verlaat (theory course) and CBR, location of your choice (theory exam). You travel to the CBR yourself.

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