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Truck driving lesson package driving license C

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Package C consists of truck driving lessons plus the practical exam C

A job as a truck driver? Then you must possess driving license C. This license allows you to drive a vehicle with a maximum mass of 3,500 kg to 50,000 kg. At Alblas, you will learn the skills needed to obtain this driver's license.

Truck driving lesson

At Alblas Verkeersschool, you decide whether to take single lessons or a package. In the first case, you determine the exam time in consultation with the instructor. You can schedule as many classes as you want.

Truck driving lessons are usually taught in 3-hour blocks.

Theory and practical exam

Driver's license training C consists of a theory exam and a practical exam. If you are going to use the C driver's license professionally, the driving course consists of three theory exams, a practical exam and two practical tests. We value quality, which is why we adjust the lessons and pace to the student's needs. That's why there are different packages to choose from so there's always something in between that suits you.

We also offer a truck theory course .

Medical examination driving license

In order to take an exam for the large driver's license (category C), a medical examination must be done. In addition, a medical examination is required every 5 years when the C driver's license is renewed.

What we need from you

To get it done quickly, we need from you:

Also, we would like to know:

  • on what date you passed your theory, whether your theory exam is scheduled
  • When you are available for driving lessons

You can indicate this at checkout, under "Comments.

Where and when

Date and time: Monday through Saturday, including evenings; we'll call you for consultation
Location: Woerdense Verlaat (driving lessons) and the CBR in Utrecht (practical exam)

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