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‘Companion pass application’ manual (3 E 0388)

Feb 6, 2015

You can apply for a companion pass using the “Companion Pass Application” form (3 E 0388). In this guide, we explain how to fill out the form.

1. Young driver conditions:

– You must be a resident of the Netherlands.

– You must not have turned 17 before November 1, 2011, unless you are participating in a Vocational Guided Learning program

(BBL) for professional driver.

– You must be at least 16.5 years old to apply for a companion pass.

– You must be under the age of 18.

2. Conditions coach:

– The coach has held a passenger car license (category B) for at least 5 years, unless he/she holds aWRM (driving instructor) pass.

– The coach is at least 27 years old, unless he/she holds a WRM (driving instructor) pass.

– The coach must not have had an alcohol or behavior course in the past (up to 4 years back).

– The coach must not have had a criminal conviction for a traffic violation in the past (up to 4 years back).

– The coach must not have had a driving or driving fitness examination imposed by the CBR in the past (up to 4 years back).

3. Completion instructions

Check what applies to you and fill out the form with block letters.

Your personal data

Fill in all the requested information that is about you on the form. If you are taking a Vocational-Begeleidende Leerweg (BBL) for professional driver, check the “BBL Apprentice” option on the form.

Details of your coach(s)

For each coach, fill in the requested information. If a coach is also a driving instructor and has a WRM pass, check the “WRM pass” option on the form.

Attention! You must sign up at least one coach.

4. What are you sending?

– The fully completed and signed application form 3 E 0388.

– A copy of a valid identity document from you.

– A copy of a valid identity document of the specified coach(es).

– If you take the Vocational-Begeleidende Leerweg (BBL) for professional driver, you must enclose proof of this.

– If your coach only has a foreign driver’s license, you must include a copy of that foreign driver’s license. If the foreign driver’s license is lost, then you must enclose a statement from the foreign authorities about it.

– If your coach has a WRM pass, you must include a copy of it.

5. Copy of identity document

The RDW requires a copy of a valid identity document from you and your coach(es) to establish your identity.

Identity documents are (based on the Compulsory Identification Act): Dutch driver’s license, Dutch passport, Dutch identity card or an EU/EEA passport.

6. Cost

There are fees associated with applying for a companion pass (seewww.rdw.nl) You can only pay these fees by direct debit. You can only provide a Dutch bank or checking account for this purpose.

If you have someone else pay for you, the payer’s name must match the payer’s signature. By placing a signature, the holder of the account number authorizes the RDW to debit the amount due.

7. Send application

Send the application form with all required attachments to:

RDW, attn. unit Rijbewijzen, Postbus 9000, 9640 HA Veendam

If everything is approved, you will receive your companion pass within ten business days.

8. Learn more

For more information about the companion pass, visit the joint Internet site of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment (I&M), Team Alert, CBR and RDW:



We can only process an application for a companion pass if you have fully completed the application form and all required attachments are present with the application form. Make sure you and your coach(es) have signed. Separately submitted documents cause delays in processing.

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