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Minister admits 2toDrive leads to fewer moped riders

Feb 6, 2015

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The driving school industry has been saying it for over a year, but Minister Schultz van Haegen is finally officially admitting it. The introduction of 2toDrive leads to fewer moped riders. “Due to the appeal of assisted driving, fewer young drivers are expected to want to take both the AM and B theory exams,” she wrote to the House of Representatives last week.

Consequently, in the first quarter in 2012, as many as 37.4% fewer moped riders were trained for the first practical exam compared with the same period last year, CBR’s quarterly figures showed recently.

Driving license AM

“Aspiring drivers want to start driving a car as early as possible. To save an exam, they will be willing to wait a little over a year before getting that AM driver’s license automatically after a successful B exam,” the minister wrote.

Candidates can obtain their B license earlier since the introduction of assisted driving on Nov. 1, 2011. Since that date, it is possible to take the B theory exam as early as 16 years old, and the B practical exam from 17 years old. With the B license, the successful candidate also receives the AM category license, so he does not need to take separate driving lessons there.

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