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Motorcycle clothing

Feb 6, 2015

Motorcycle clothing is both your crumple zone and also your heater for you as a motorcyclist.
So whatever time of year you ride then you need a good motorcycle suit.

Riding a motorcycle in flip flops and swimsuits on a hot summer day unfortunately still happens.
Even for just going around the block, you are taking an unnecessary risk with this.

Just be aware that if you fall, you will completely lose your skin or scrape it off to the bone!
Abroad, some insurers are already to the point where cosmetic surgery is not reimbursed if the motorcyclist in question was not wearing a proper suit.
Therefore, it is wiser to always wear a helmet, jacket, pants, boots and gloves. You’re not going to play ice hockey in your swimming trunks either?
So what do you expect from motorcycle clothing? I find it important that it is warm, waterproof and hard-wearing. Unfortunately, this is not always compatible in one suit, unless you have a well-stocked purse.

You have a choice of a leather suit or fabric suit.

Leather does offer the best protection in a fall and slide but is too cold in winter and not waterproof in rainy weather. For this, you will need a teal suit over the leather suit and a rain suit for the rain. You should also lubricate the leather suit regularly with special leather grease.

In this case, you can choose from a fabric suit with codura/goretex incorporated between them which is breathable but does not allow outside moisture to pass through. The fabric suit can be used year-round. It also has ventilation openings and you can take out the entire nutrition to use the suit in the summer as well.

I myself have a fabric suit from Damen Leather ( see above) and I am really very satisfied with it. The advantage is that I have a thin jacket in summer and a removable liner for winter and rain.

However, it is recommended  that there are protectors in  motorcycle suit are incorporated . Again, conspicuous clothing ( bright colors or a combination of different colors) is more visible than dark ones. The clothes with bright colors are more expensive, though. As far as I’m concerned they should make the black clothes 2 keeer durder or provide a reimbursement to motorcyclists from the insurer if your striking
wearing motorcycle clothing.
If you do wear dark clothes, it is wise to wear an eye-catching safty west. It is no guarantee that you will be seen in time by other traffic so keep good anticipation around you.

Boots not only keep your feet dry and warm, but also provide protection from splashing rocks, and in the event of a fall, your ankles will be adequately protected by good boots – provided you are in a proper sitting position on the motorcycle, i.e. not your feet under the brake and clutch pedal and/or turned outward. Otherwise, you still have a chance of a compound fracture. Enduro or cross country boots offer extra protection.
Good mountaineering boots with Goretex lining are also excellent.

Good gloves are leather or fabric reinforced with kevlar or another abrasion-resistant material.
When falling, in a reflex you always put out your hands first and they had better be well wrapped.
Some brands increase abrasion resistance with fancy metal nails. Keep in mind that those cause nasty scratches on the tank.
The same goes for the snaps on your jacket and or pants, by the way.

link shown motorcycle suits:Damen

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