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Overtaking and traffic jams

Feb 6, 2015

 Source: infopolitie.co.uk

Anyone can overtake, but does anyone know when the law considers overtaking okay or not? And what if there is a traffic jam, are you allowed to overtake on the right?

art. 11: Catching up in general

  1. Overtaking is done on the left.
  2. Drivers who have presorted on the left and have indicated that they want to turn left will be overtaken on the right.
  3. Cyclists should overtake each other on the left; they may overtake other drivers on the right.
  4. Drivers to the right of a block marker may overtake drivers to the left of that marker on the right
  5. Drivers are allowed to overtake streetcars on the right.

The old RVV specified exactly how to overtake up to and including giving a signal. This has all been removed because, the Minister says this falls under the driving instruction, education and information. However, the general danger article 5 of the Road Traffic Act remains in place.

Cyclists have the choice of overtaking road users other than cyclists on the left or right. After all, they are allowed to overtake on the right.

Since the entrance lane belongs to the same road, the rule is included that it is allowed to overtake traffic on the roadway via the entrance lane or the exit lane if it is to the left of the block marking. Note that this is only allowed where block marking is in place, but that is almost everywhere.

Art. 12: Overtaking before VOP
It is prohibited to overtake a vehicle immediately before or at a crosswalk.

Stopping next to a car, stopped in front of a crosswalk, is not overtaking, according to a district court ruling.

art. 13: Overtaking in traffic jams

  1. In congested traffic, if the roadway is divided into lanes in the same direction, the rightmost lane need not be followed.
  2. Traffic jams may be overtaken on the right side.

In normal traffic it is not allowed to overtake on the right, only in traffic jams. That which is colloquially referred to as traffic jam driving is guiding whether or not traffic jams are driven.

So, in my view, this article allows the motorcyclist to pass between the rows of cars during congestion. Overtaking on the left is the established rule, and during congestion, it is allowed to overtake on the right. A motorcyclist passing between two rows overtakes both left and right. Of course, caution must be exercised.

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