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Transportation of children abroad

Feb 6, 2015

( Source: ANWB.NL )

Rules for the use of child seats are based on the same European Directive in all EU countries.

In summary, this Directive requires that children less than 1.50 meters in height be transported in an approved and appropriate child restraint. Appropriate means that the child restraint should be matched to the child’s weight and height (see diagram). If you assume this when traveling through Europe then no problems are to be expected. The same European Directive also allows for exceptions. The Netherlands has used a number of exceptions. As a result, the rules abroad may be different and stricter. Below is an overview of the different European countries. By the way: in every European country, the use of safety belts present in the car for all seats is mandatory.

Types of child safety devices

Which child safety device should you use? Below is a small overview with the answer to that question.

  • weight less than 13 kg – a baby car seat
  • weight between 9 and 18 kg – a child car seat
  • weight from 15 kg – a booster seat

Also pay attention to how the manufacturer prescribes use. All child restraints must be approved according to ECE Regulation 44/03 or 44/04.


In a seat with an airbag, children may not be transported in a (baby) car seat placed against the direction of travel. This is only allowed, if the airbag is deactivated. Whether that disabling is possible and how to do it is in the car’s owner’s manual.

Legal problem abroad

If you are faced with a serious and urgent legal problem while abroad, you can contact our Alarm Lawyer immediately from abroad. The Alarm Lawyer can be reached 24/7 by calling +31 88 269 72 05. This service is free and exclusive to members.

Click in the table below for more information by country.
(In the section ‘Children’ you will find the rules regarding the transportation of children. If no information is given, the rules are the same as in the Netherlands)

Belgium Norway
Denmark Austria
Germany Poland
France Portugal
Greece Spain
Britain Czech Republic
Italy Sweden
Luxembourg Switzerland

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