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Bovag: Netherlands only country where A1 is mandatory for A2

Feb 6, 2015

According to BOVAG and RAI Association, there is a difference in interpretation between the various European member states in the implementation of the Third Driving License Directive. As a result, Dutch motorcyclists are the only ones in the EU who must pass motorcycle license A1 before they can start A2. They asked Minister Schultz van Haegen for an explanation.

The different implementation in the Netherlands may be due to a different interpretation of the original English text of the Third Motorcycle License Directive. As a result, 20-year-old motorcyclists will not be allowed to test directly in the A2 category starting Jan. 19, 2013, when the legislation takes effect. All other EU member states can, Bovag reports.

Driving License

Dutch citizens under 24 now have to get three licenses if they want to drive a heavy motorcycle. The license for each succeeding category can be obtained only after two years of experience with the previous lighter category.

The minimum ages for the different categories will be in the Netherlands: 18 years for category A1, 20 years for category A2 and 22 years for category A. If 20-year-olds and older want direct access to A2, they must pass 3 exams:Theory A, AVB and AVD.


The Netherlands is the only EU member state to stipulate that without an A1 driver’s license, an A2 license cannot be obtained. Category A, incidentally, can also be obtained by right by candidates 24 years and older. They then do not need to obtain A1 and A2 driver’s licenses first.

BOVAG and RAI conclude that the original English text, which determines the transposition into Dutch law, allows for an A2 driving license to be obtained immediately at the age of 20. This is why BOVAG and RAI have requested the minister that 20-year-olds be given immediate access to the A2 motorcycle license as soon as possible, and are counting on the ministry’s understanding in this regard.

Third Driving License Directive

Incidentally, there was a gross blunder by the civil service during the adoption of the Third Driving License Directive. The clerk’s office had overlooked a signature from CDA MP Sander de Rouwe. This left the chairman unaware that De Rouwe wanted to say anything more about it, and the motion was finally passed.

Source: VerkeersPro.nl

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