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Overcoming driving anxiety car: intake lesson


In this 2-hour trial class, we will get acquainted.

Together with you, we determine the course of action to begin to overcome driving anxiety. For example, it is possible to start practicing in the driving simulator.

"Nearly one million Dutch people suffer from driving anxiety to a greater or lesser degree," he said.

Cause driving anxiety

Driving anxiety can have several causes. For example:

  • insufficient driving experience
  • uncertainty about driving ability
  • unpleasant experiences in traffic, such as an accident.

It is difficult when you are afraid to go on the road because of driving anxiety or start avoiding certain routes.

A course in overcoming driving anxiety can then provide relief.
With the lessons, you quietly gain experience under the guidance of a fear of failure instructor from Alblas Verkeersschool. All of this is done at your own pace in the context of "nothing must.

Personal guidance on overcoming driving anxiety

We can imagine that you don't want to be upfront about your fear of driving. That's why you will receive personal guidance. You do not have to pick up or drop off another student.

Step by step, we tackle the core of driving anxiety. So that you can ultimately get behind the wheel feeling safe and secure.

Lesson Car

You will drive a regular lesson car from Alblas. If you want to drive in an automatic, book the test lesson overcoming driving anxiety automatic.

Start immediately

You can start right away because we have no waiting list.

We assume you have your car license (B). If not, book a regular intake lesson and then a fear of failure driving lesson package.

Where and when

Date and time: Monday through Saturday, including evenings; we'll call you for consultation
Location: South Holland, Utrecht, North Holland; see also the overview of all places where we give driving lessons

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