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Driving simulator car and automatic – Trial lesson (1hour)

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One hour on the simulator represents 1.6 hours of driving lessons. Driving on the driving simulator is very intensive, and therefore very educational.

You can learn to drive without having been in the car! All necessary parts can be practiced in the driving simulator such as vehicle control, intersections, highways, etc. (See the different lessons in the table below). In addition, the driving simulator can be set to the regular (shift) car or the automatic.

Alblas Verkeersschool is one of the few traffic schools in the Netherlands with its own driving simulator. This allows you to practice risk-free in various real-world traffic situations. The driving simulator mimics them lifelike.

The driving simulator is also the perfect way to practice if you suffer from fear of failure or driving anxiety. And the great thing is that you can practice with the driving simulator as young as 16. This will quickly save you many driving lessons on public roads.

For the driving simulator, several packages can be purchased and in addition, rides cards can be purchased for lessons of your choice (see top right of screen).

When driving simulator?

Driving in the simulator is a good preparation and complement to driving lessons in traffic. You practice looking in mirrors, approaching and taking intersections and traffic circles, and anticipating various traffic situations.
You also learn to shift gears risk-free when you drive a car in the simulator.

Are you struggling with a particular situation? Then just practice this one again. Of course, an instructor will be there to guide you.

Digital teaching car

You drive our digital teaching car through digital traffic. The driving simulator can be set to shift car or automatic.

Start immediately

You can start right away because we have no waiting list.

There is no minimum age.

Where and when

Date and time: Monday through Saturday, including evenings; we'll call you for consultation
Location: Woerdense Verlaat (near Woerden).


Lesson Overview

Section Lesson number Description simulator lesson lesson duration in minutes
Intest 1 Intest 30 minutes
2 Funles 30 minutes
Vehicle Control 3 Cornering/Grip or Slip/Speed 30 minutes
4 Driving off / Grip or slip/ Shifting and clutching 30 minutes
5 Shifting and clutching / Braking / Braking (reaction time) / Grip or Slip 30 minutes
6 Road position (outside built-up area) / Grip or slip / Road position (inside built-up area) 30 minutes
7 Anticipating / keeping distance / parking 30 minutes
8 Vehicle control test 15 minutes
Intersections 9 Crossing / Turning right / Turning left 30 minutes
10 Crossing and turning / Traffic lights 30 minutes
11 Priority intersections 30 minutes
12 Mini-rotunds / Dempels 30 minutes
13 Equivalent intersections 30 minutes
14 Key intersections 15 minutes
Intersections (advanced) 15 Varied intersections with VOPs / Railroad crossing 30 minutes
16 Varied intersections with bridge/darkness 30 minutes
17 Varied intersections with elevation/traffic lights (out of order) 30 minutes
18 Frontage lanes/multilane traffic circles 30 minutes
19 Slow traffic/ overtaking slower traffic 30 minutes
20 Fog / Rain / Night 30 minutes
Highways 21 Speed / different speeds 30 minutes
22 Overtaking / overtaking (varying speeds) 30 minutes
23 Merging in and out / Merging in and out (varying speeds 30 minutes
24 Weighing boxes 30 minutes
25 Key highways 30 minutes
Exam 26 Hazard recognition 30 minutes
27 Practical exam test 10min 10 minutes
Specials 28 Reaction test/driving under the influence 30 minutes
29 Reverse parking 30 minutes
30 Levy test/turns 30 minutes
31 Broem lesson 30 minutes
32 Grip or slip (60 min) 60 minutes
33 Approaching sharp turns at different speeds 30 minutes
34 Overtaking slow-moving traffic (night_ 30 minutes


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