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Driving test always in your own neighborhood

Feb 6, 2015


BOVAG wants exam candidates to be able to take exams in many more places than just the 58 CBR locations. This saves crowding in neighborhoods, pollutant emissions, time and money, and is much more customer-friendly. BOVAG has expressly asked CBR to work on this. Today there was attention for this call in the Telegraph and NOS Sportzomer on Radio 1, among others.  


Every year, about 350,000 students take practical exams at the Central Bureau of Motor Vehicles. CBR has 58 spots for that. That’s too little, BOVAG believes. Decentralized examination is much more convenient.

,,Think of a town hall or other public place such as a sports hall or a suitable driving school. The examiner comes to the student; that’s a lot more customer-friendly, isn’t it?  It is not only easier on exam day itself, but also in preparation. Now students drive back and forth a lot between where they live and where the CBR is located to drive exam routes nearby. Those miles are better used in training,” said BOVAG driving school owner René Brunen in De Telegraaf. Click here for the article.

BOVAG filed this plea with the CBR several months ago. Frans Bastiaansen, manager BOVAG Rijscholen: “CBR’s response was that it will be ‘included in the new  location policy.’ BOVAG continues to keep up the pressure. All the more so since not only reducing lesson car miles is useful and desirable. In fact, there are more reasons to scrutinize location policy. With some exam locations, for example, you can question the suitability of that location. For example, at location Den Helder, there is no highway nearby. Candidates are thus less tested on their highway skills by the CBR in Den Helder.”

Source: bovag.co.uk

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