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Motorcycle theory exam (A)


Want to take your motorcycle theory exam? We can reserve the exam for you. You go to the CBR yourself.

Immediately schedule motorcycle theory exam

You may take theory motorcycle exams from the age of 17. You need your theory to take practical exams.
The theory exam remains valid for a year and a half.

Canceling theory exams is not possible

The theory exam cannot be cancelled. It can be rescheduled, though.

Pass in one go

About half of the people who take theory exams fail them. So it is important to learn well.

You can buy a motorcycle theory book from us.
With our one-on-one motorcycle theory lessons, you increase your success rate.

Authorize driving school

To reserve an exam for you, you must authorize us.

explanation of authorization

Where and when

Date and time: we will discuss the place, and let you know which date we have been able to reserve
Location: see CBR's overview of motorcycle theory exam locations; you go there yourself

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