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Narrower lanes by double axle line are certainly as safe

Feb 6, 2015


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When lanes are narrowed by a double axle line, vehicles are directed slightly more to the outside of the road. However, this does not lead to significantly more violations of margin marking. It is safer for oncoming traffic, though. That’s according to research by DTV Consultants commissioned by the province of South Holland.

Lanes with such a double axle line are 2.75 meters wide instead of 3.10 meters. Nowhere was there a critical crossing of the edge markings, vehicles keeping appropriate distance from the road edge.

Lane width

The agency used a camera to examine the difference between a road with 2.75-meter lanes and an 80-cm-wide axle line. The other road had a lane width of 3.05 meters and an axle line of 20 centimeters.

Truck traffic does drive over the edge markings more often than on a road with 3.00-meter lanes. Furthermore, the axle marking is crossed more frequently than in profiles with lane widths of 3.00 meters or more, but vehicles continue to travel farther from “axis” of the road.

Lane separation

The advice to South Holland is therefore that they can proceed with implementation of wider lane separations and 2.75-m lanes, reports Verkeersnet.

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