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Rules around medical examinations driving license tightened

Feb 6, 2015

CBR is going to change the rules around medical examinations following a State Council ruling earlier this week.
The administrative law judge ruled in favor of a motorist whose license was invalidated by the CBR due to alcohol abuse. The man had appealed because the medical examination on which the CBR’s decision was based was done in part by a psychologist. That is against the rules, the State Council now ruled. While the responsible psychiatrist who must perform such an examination may subcontract some of the work, it must be done by a physician.


The CBR announces that from now on it will no longer accept examination reports that are made in whole or in part by someone who is not a doctor. CBR will also work with the profession of psychiatrists to see if the rules around examinations are clear enough.

The motorist ruled in favor by the State Council will be re-inspected. A new decision on whether to take his driver’s license will follow.

At the same time, CBR is going to investigate whether there may be more similar cases where the tests were not performed by a doctor. In those cases, new inspections will follow. A CBR spokesman does not expect the numbers to be large.

Research similar cases

In 2011, 7,000 people were medically examined for fitness to drive. It was not just about the use of alcohol or drugs, but also epilepsy, for example.

SOURCE: TrafficPro.com

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