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Tips for directors

Feb 6, 2015

Low-hanging sun can be very treacherous

In traffic, the weather can lead to dangerous situations, even when the weather is clear and beautiful. For example, a low-hanging sun in the early morning or afternoon can well obstruct visibility.
Alblas offers some helpful tips and advice for driving in low sunlight. First of all, we want to remind you that a good pair of sunglasses in your car is an absolute must. Sunglasses with polarized lenses, for example, ensure that the sun’s rays do not reach the eyes directly but are interrupted several times. These types of goggles are also widely used in water sports and are pleasant for traveling.
Rear-end traffic
When you approach traffic lights and the sun blocks your view of them, reduce your speed and keep an eye on the traffic behind you in case the other traffic behind you may also be blinded by the sun. A low-hanging sun can also shine in through the rear window. This makes it difficult to keep an eye on the traffic behind you. The sun makes your mirrors barely usable then. Therefore, look carefully over your shoulder before changing lanes or trying to perform another maneuver. Adjusting your (rearview) mirror can also improve visibility.
Clean windows
A low sun causes dirt and scratches on the car window to light up more, obstructing your vision. With enough wiper fluid, you can spray the windows and keep them clean. In winter you use special liquid for this purpose that cannot not freeze. Also, the windows are wiped properly with non-worn wiper blades. To get the most out of your wiper blades, we recommend replacing them at least once a year.
Also clean windows inside
Because you regularly use your car’s heater in the winter, dirt also gets on the inside of your car window. Therefore, not only keep your windows clean on the outside, but also on the inside. To do this, it is wise to pass a glass cleaner and a dry cloth along your windows weekly.
We wish you many safe miles.
The Alblas Team

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