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What do you mean driving license expensive!

Feb 6, 2015

Your 18 birthday!!! Great milestone, because then you can start your car license ( as of Nov 2011 at your 16.5 years and 17 exams). Of course, the question that then comes up is, “At Which Driving School?” “How expensive is that driving school?”
Most young people take lessons at the driving school where their parents or grandparents studied. Even in their own circle of friends, they recommend the driving schools where they have studied. These are logical and usually good decisions. But if you want something that really suits you, tailored to your personal needs, what then? Then it becomes an Internet search.
Most young people, but also parents, then choose an education that costs little: around € 25,- to € 35,- per class hour. However, for a school – and vocational training, a lot of money is spent. Before getting a driver’s license, there are too many cutbacks and it should not cost too much. However , a driving course is not just taking a few lessons and then thinking you have immediate driving experience. It takes at least 7 YEARS or 100,000 km to be experienced in traffic.
Quality and reliability are above the hourly rate of a driving lesson. It sounds great to calculate that with less than €1000 you can have your driver’s license in your pocket. But appearances are often deceiving in such practices. In most cases, this driving school will receive benefits in addition to teaching, or it is offered in addition to one’s own steady work (office job or other steady work).
What many young people overlook is whether the driving school in question can deliver quality – how long do you have to wait for your exam – what about service – how quickly are you helped – how honest is the advice from the instructor or desk clerk? All such things play a role in driver training.

cost of driving lessons versus other services

For comparison of other rates, below are some examples:
  1. car driving lessons average per hour ; 48 euros including VAT
  2. lawyer average per hour ; 240 euros excluding VAT
  3. heating engineer ; 75 euros excluding VAT and call-out and material costs
  4. VMBO school ; 1800 euros for 10 months
  5. HBO training ; from 3500 euros for 10 months excluding exam fees that can even reach € 35,000 and up!
  6. car garage ; 75 euros exlcusive VAT and material costs
A car driving lesson includes the cost of travel – maintenance costs – fuel – insurance – wages – tax ( payroll tax – income tax).

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