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Steaming course (crash course) car driving license B

From  1.765,-

With our car driving license crash course, get your license in 10 days! Or even in 7 or 8 days!
We teach the quick course driving license in large parts of South Holland, Utrecht and North Holland.

You must be almost 17 and already have your theory, or have it scheduled.

The driving license crash course

Included in the price are:

We work with the successful method Driving Training In Steps.

You will be taught by an experienced instructor. This is private lessons or riding lessons in pairs.

In the latter case, ride along with your fellow student. You look along, you think along.
This "contemplative learning" is very effective. After all, you don't have to pay attention to performing all the actions. This allows you to focus on all points of interest when driving.

Pass your driving test in one go

We aim for you to pass immediately on your first driving test.

Succeeding at once has many advantages:

  • it's cheaper on balance because it saves you the cost of additional exams
  • you'll have your license sooner. The CBR has waiting periods for practical exams. You then have those only once instead of several times.

In general, it is better to take too many driving lessons than too few. You thereby increase your success rate on the driving test.

Driver's license in 10 days, or faster?

For most people, the 10-day driving license quick course is the most optimal.

We recommend taking a trial car lesson first. Then the driving instructor can estimate how much lesson time will be sufficient for you.
The trial lesson is immediately your first driving lesson.

Mid-term test (trial exam) in the quick driving license course

We recommend taking an intermediate test if you have never taken an exam before.

An intermediate test is a trial exam at the CBR, where everything is the same as a real practical exam.

Benefits of an intermediate test:

  • 15% greater success rate on the real exam.
    The pass rate goes from 43% without, to 57% with intermediate test. So writes the CBR, which administers the exams.
  • if maneuvers such as ramp test, reverse turn and file parking ("special operations") go well, you don't have to do them on your real exam.
  • you learn a lot: you hear from the examiner what is already going well, and what you can still improve on
  • you are less nervous on the exam because you already know how everything goes

For more information on the interim test, see CBR.

The 10-day car driving license crash course includes an intermediate test as standard.

Often with the 7 or 8 day driving license quick course, there is not enough time to do another intermediate test.
If you would still like to take an intermediate test, please call for consultation. If scheduling permits, he can just be booked in.

If you're not ready to drive off anyway

If you are almost due for your driving test, but still don't feel quite ready, it is possible to turn the exam into an intermediate test.
This can be done up to a day in advance. It is also possible if you have taken the test before.

After that, you can take some additional driving lessons. This will increase your chances of getting your driver's license in one sitting.

Lesson Car

You will drive a regular shift-learning car from Alblas, a Volkswagen Polo.

We may also have a crash course in automatic driver's license.
If you are still unsure about a regular driver's license or an automatic license, take a test lesson in a switch car. Then the driving instructor can give you a recommendation.

Starting immediately with the car driving license crash course

We do not have a waiting list. CBR does have a hefty waiting list for driving tests.
But at Alblas, we can often arrange an exam for you within 7 weeks.

That means you can basically start taking the crash course in car driving license within 7 weeks.

We schedule the driver's license quick course shortly before exam date, so that you take the exam immediately after the course.
If you prefer to start your driving lessons right away, we can also spread the course out over several weeks.

Regardless, we will take into account your availability and scheduling needs.

Your driver's license at 17

You can start driving lessons from age 16 and a half. From the age of 17, you may take practical exams. Until you turn 18, you must drive with regular companions (2todrive).
From the age of 18, you may drive independently, even if you only just got your license then.

Because the crash course goes so fast, that means you must be almost 17. Or older.

If you haven't passed your theory yet, start there right away. This is allowed from the age of 16. Do not book the crash course until you have passed or think you will pass your theory, and have an exam date.
In fact, you must have it when you take the driving test. Also, your driving lessons become more effective when there is no need to pay attention to traffic rules.

You can take a car theory course with us, take private theory lessons or arrange a theory exam only.

What we need from you

To get it done quickly, we need from you:

Also, we would like to know:

  • on what date you passed your theory, whether your theory exam is scheduled
  • when you are available, and also whether you want to do the class days back-to-back or prefer to spread out

Please provide this information at checkout (under "Comments"), and we can start scheduling it right away.

Where and when

Date and time: Monday through Saturday during the day, consecutive days or spread over weeks. We take into account your scheduling needs.
Location: South Holland, Utrecht, North Holland; see also the overview of all places where we give driving lessons.
Driving simulator lessons are in Woerdense Verlaat.
You will drive off in Utrecht, Amsterdam, Haarlem, Eemnes, Gouda or Leiden.

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