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Automatic driving lesson package (driving license B code 78)

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The automatic driving license package consists of driving lessons and the practical exam for driving license B with code 78. We give automatic driving lessons in much of South Holland, Utrecht and North Holland.

You must be at least 16.5 years old for car driving lessons, including automatic lessons.

We also recommend taking an intermediate test (mock exam).
With an intermediate test, your chance of passing the driving test in one go increases to 57%.

Automated driving lessons

As a driving school, we have offered an automatic driving license package for more than 40 years.

You will receive private driving lessons from an experienced instructor. You will be picked up at home and returned there as well. In your automatic driving lessons, you are going to drive a stretch at your level at the time.
Meanwhile, you will continuously learn from the driving instructor: how to look, how to safely participate in traffic.

Regular classes

A class hour really does last an hour with us.
We recommend classes in blocks of two, three or four hours. In a longer lesson, you can practice more different traffic situations.
Taking multiple automatic lessons per week is also possible.

In any case, drive regularly so that learning does not have a chance to sink in.

Pass your driving test in one go

We aim for you to pass immediately on your first driving test.

Succeeding at once has many advantages:

  • it's cheaper on balance because it saves you the cost of additional exams
  • you'll have your license sooner. The CBR has waiting periods for practical exams. You then have those only once instead of several times.

In general, it's better to take too many driving lessons than too few. You thereby increase your success rate on the driving test.

An exam is exciting, so many people drive worse than in class. It helps then if you have some reserve in your driving skills.

How many lessons needed for automatic driving license?

The independent driving test institute CBR has calculated that it takes an average of 43 hours of lessons to pass the driving test for the standard B driving license.
Unfortunately, the number of lessons required for an automatic driver's license (B license with code 78) has not been studied.

Of course, learning does go faster if you only take driving lessons when you have the mental space to learn many new things.
Learning to drive is intensive: you learn a whole new set of skills. All the while, your education or work also requires a lot of attention.

To better estimate the number of lessons needed, it's best to take a trial lesson in automatic driving. Then the instructor will make the assessment of which package of automatic driving lessons is best for you.
The trial lesson is also your first driving lesson.

Interim test (trial exam)

We recommend taking an intermediate test if you have never taken an exam before.

An intermediate test is a trial exam at the CBR, where everything is the same as a real practical exam. It is most effective if you do it at about three-quarters of your driving course.

Benefits of an interim test:

  • 15% greater success rate on the real exam.
    The pass rate goes from 43% without, to 57% with intermediate test. So writes the CBR, which administers the exams.
  • if maneuvers such as ramp test, reverse turn and file parking ("special operations") go well, you don't have to do them on your real exam.
  • you learn a lot: you hear from the examiner what is already going well, and what you can still improve on
  • you are less nervous on the exam because you already know how everything goes

About half of students take an intermediate test, and as many as 60% of 17-year-olds.

For more information on the interim test, see CBR.

Advice from the driving instructor

A driving instructor can give good advice:

  • How many automatic driving lessons (and thus which automatic driving license package) you are likely to need (in a trial lesson)
  • whether you would benefit from a lesson on the driving simulator, on which you can practice a difficult part in detail
  • Whether it makes sense to take a class with a different instructor sometime
  • whether you are ready to take the exam, or whether it would be wise to book some extra lessons

If you're not ready to drive off anyway

If you are almost due for your driving test, but still don't feel quite ready, it is possible to turn the exam into an intermediate test.
This can be done up to a day in advance. It is also possible if you have taken the test before.

After that, you can take some additional automatic driving lessons. This will increase your chances of getting your driver's license in one sitting.

Auto driving lessons: don't underestimate it

Learning to drive a car is not something you do momentarily. Not even if it's car driving lessons in an automatic: the hardest part of learning to drive is getting traffic insight.
It doesn't help if parents or friends think you should be able to make it quickly. Those social pressures actually slow down the learning process.

People who have had their driver's license for a bit longer often do not realize that it is now much more difficult to pass your driving test:

  • driving license requirements are higher than before: you have to be able to do much more
  • In addition to driving safely, you must also be environmentally conscious and able to drive with navigation
  • traffic has become much busier
  • cyclists have the right of way more often than before, so you have to pay attention to that too
  • other road users have become more impatient

So the average number of driving lessons needed is also much higher now than it used to be. So the automatic driving license packages are also larger.
By the way, the theory exam has also become tougher.

Lesson car automatic

You get car driving lessons in an automatic.

With an automatic driver's license(B license code 78), you may not drive a switch car(B license). The other way around is.
But most modern cars today are also offered as automatic.

If you want to take lessons and exams in a switch car, book the regular driving license B package and not this automatic driving license package.

Starting immediately with automatic driving lessons

You can start driving lessons from age 16 and a half. From the age of 17, you may take practical exams. Until you turn 18, you must drive with regular companions (2todrive).

You may drive independently from the age of 18, even if you have only just gotten your driver's license then.

We recommend starting with a few driving lessons in the automatic, and then starting with your theory. You have then driven a car a few times, which makes the traffic rules more alive.

But you do it at the beginning of your driving lessons so that the driving lessons are as effective as possible. You then don't have to think about the rules, and you can focus on the driving itself.

You must have your theory to take practical exams. The theory certificate remains valid for a year and a half.

Increase your chances of passing your theory quickly with our theory course for driver's license B.

The sooner the driver's license is in your pocket, the better!

What we need from you

To get it done quickly, we need from you:

Also, we would like to know:

  • whether you have already passed or scheduled your theory (and if so, on what date)
  • When you are available for driving lessons
  • How often you would like to take classes per week, and for how long

You can indicate this at checkout, under "Comments.

Where and when

Date and time: Monday through Saturday, including evenings; we'll call you for consultation
Location: South Holland, Utrecht, North Holland; see also the overview of all places where we give driving lessons. In those places, we also give automatic driving lessons.
You will drive off in Utrecht, Amsterdam, Haarlem, Eemnes, Gouda or Leiden.

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