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Caravan driving course: driving lessons and theory

 260,- inc. VAT

Driving a car with a caravan is not something you do every day. Many people find it difficult to maneuver such a combination.
Alblas Verkeersschool will teach you the intricacies of driving a caravan in half a day.

Driving lessons and theory

The caravan training consists of four hours of driving lessons with a theory and a practical part. Topics covered include:

  • the braking system
  • loading car and caravan
  • reversing (straight)
  • times with the combination
  • reverse parking

With the caravan training from Alblas Verkeersschool, you will be well prepared and confident when traveling with the caravan.

Own car and caravan

You drive your own combination of car and caravan.

Start immediately

You can start right away because we have no waiting list.

We assume that you have your car license (B or B with code 78) and that the caravan may be driven with this license. If the caravan is too heavy, book driving lessons for the trailer (driving license BE).

Where and when

Date and time: Monday through Saturday, including evenings; we'll call you for consultation
Location: Woerdense Verlaat (near Woerden).

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