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Fear of failure driving lesson

Fear of failure is literally fear of failure. This is accompanied by absolute anxiety and blackouts during driving lessons and the exam. Anxiety causes you to perform less well or not at all.
Driving lessons with fear of failure
Alblas has driving instructors who are trained to guide people with fear of failure.
When making your purchase, indicate that you want this. We will call you back and then schedule a suitable instructor for you.

If you take a trial lesson first, you can also spend some time getting to know your instructor and the vehicle.
Driving lessons with car simulator
What can also be done is to take lessons on the driving simulator first. This allows you to begin driving lessons at your leisure. Your fear of failure will probably be a lot less by the time you start driving.

By the way, you can also do this learning on the simulator during your regular driving lessons.
For example, you then practice only the things you find difficult. In traffic, you constantly encounter different situations, on the simulator you can practice the same thing endlessly.
Fear of failure driving test
The driving lessons are followed, of course, by a fear of failure exam. You do this with an examiner who is trained to guide people with fear of failure.
Have a driver’s license, still drive insecurely?
If you already have your license but are dreading driving, you can also take special lessons with us. For example, a course on overcoming driving anxiety. You will then purchase a trial lesson overcoming driving anxiety, and in it we will plot the course for you together.

If the uncertainty is still not too bad, you can also think about a 2-hour refresher course.

Perhaps the uncertainty is mostly about traffic jam parking and you have trouble parking in reverse. For this, we offer a one-hour course.
Or the vacations are approaching and you are already looking forward to driving the caravan.

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